The FBI is currently investigating 18-year-old Justin Olsen from Ohio who had in his possesion enough arsenal to start a civil war.

After his arrest and searching of his home and car, FBI agents found inside a large gun vault at his home 15 rifles and shotguns and 10 semi-automatic pistols, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, camouflage clothing and camouflaged backpacks.

The teenager was flagged six months ago when agents found comments online from a user who discussed supporting mass shootings. According to court documents, the user posted a threat to assault federal law enforcement officers writing; “shoot every agent on sight,” in a discussion about the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco in 1993.

Agents met with Justin Olsen, 18, on August 7th, who gave written consent for a search of his car and bedroom, according to a probable cause warrant. This resulted in his arrest on charges of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer. Olsen was arraigned on a federal charge of threatening to assault a federal law-enforcement officer and will remain in the Mahoning County jail without bond at least until his continued detention hearing on Friday, as ordered by Magistrate George J. Limbert.

Since February, Olsen had “discussed supporting mass shootings, and assault and/or targeting of Planned Parenthood” online under the username “ArmyOfChrist” on the popular internet meme site, where he had about 4,400 subscribers.

In a post dated June 2, Olsen discussed the 1993 federal siege of the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, Texas, when he said federal agents “slaughtered families” and concluded with “shoot every federal agent on-sight,” officers allege.

“Don’t comply with gun laws, stock up on stuff they could ban,” reads another alleged post from Olsen. “Hell, even the Oklahoma City bombing shows that armed resistance is a viable method of political change. There is no legal solution,” reads another post.

Olsen admitted making the posts to officers but claimed it was all “a joke, for fun.”