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It's been a long, energizing and thrilling ride to be referred to globally and regarded as a disk jockey in Nigeria.

With the later out-burst of various circle racers, just a couple emerges; obviously our audit isolates DJ Chascolee from the plenty of slapdash DJs.

Egbom Cyprian Chibuike prominently known as DJ Chascolee has possessed the capacity to implant his immense instruction into the science of "DeeJaying", my musical revolution is exceptionally ascertained; in the club, you will simply continue moving for a considerable length of time and accordingly shout at a switch of music, obviously he comprehends what tickles your extravagant. The capacity for a DJ to know the right tune to play at the opportune time gives him significance while Chascolee's significance is established in the motivation he gets from his group of onlookers he raves with.

Dj Chascolee was conceived June 22, hails from Imo State. My nursery and essential instruction was in Imo State, auxiliary in Lagos State while Tertiary in Oyo State (Ibadan). Cyprian is a genuine meaning of a tender man with tremendous admiration for his fans. I am hitched to an adoring and minding woman.

My resume talks volume, Chascolee who has worked in around 90% of clubs in Lagos and earned enormous experience that works for him. The rundown underneath are fourteen clubs in Lagos he had already worked which are; Options Nite club, Picolomodo Nite club, Page Nite club, Ad cavern, Metro park, Y-not, Lakase, Insomnia, D place, Bacchus, Planet one, Black pearl, Jamzbase nite club Mozida nite club, M8 Club, Moore club, Club vegas, Octopos nite club, Saga 8 CLUB, Troy club, Industry nite, Shaunz lounge, GQ Lounge, X Factor, De chills lounge, Entice lounge, D place by daddies, and Movida nite club Just to specify a couple".

A DJ like Chascolee would not have a complete voyage up to this point without flaunting his rundown of grants. He has won the best DJ recompenses at the Ikeja city honors in 2006, 2007, 2008, likewise monster DJ city individuals in Lagos, Dynamix grants, 2009, Hip Hop and Global greatness honors. In 2010, he was perceived at the Media Nite grant, 2010, City people groups Awards 2011, Global Excellence Awards 2012, as the exceptional DJ of the year. He assists his recompense tops with Tush grants, Nigeria diversion honors , Nigeria design amusement recompenses and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

DJ Chascolee is a fellow known with numerous; he has played in real shows such as: Star uber jam, Hip-Hop world grants. Dynamix appear, Miss unilag, M2, City individuals appear, Global Excellence grants, Kennis music Easter Fiester, Storm Records appear, Power Horse occasion, Next motion picture star, Unilag Ladies Nite, HardKnocks Events and Big sibling Nigeria. He likewise played for MTN Fan Park in Lagos amid the FIFA world container 2010, Setraco Nigeria Ltd occasion, Hennessey club visit 2010, felabration 2010, lead grants 2010, Nigeria Fashion Entertainment honors 2011, Peak recompenses 2011, NBN, Star Trek, Etisalat Campus Storm, Nigeria Entertainment grant at Jamzbase Lagos 2011,NBMA 3013 Nominee,NRSA 2013 Nominee, City people groups Awards and Global Excellenc Awards 2012,Felabration 2015 and yet to update for new awards.

One genuine inquiry is how might you decribe DJ Chascolee? All things considered, i'm called a DJ//Artist//Artist Manager//Event trough//Music expert. When you hear Djchascolee diversion then you have met the proprietor.

In summary, I am a turntable DJ that spends significant time in each sort of music, general stimulation furthermore uses the best DJ additional common types of gear to rave.